The best camera is what you have with you, and for most people it’s a smartphone. Most modern mobile phones can handle stable high quality materials under bright conditions. This is the best way to examine the movie process before switching to a dedicated camera. Unlike dedicated cameras, you can edit and add filters, effects, and share them directly from your phone without the need for additional transfers.

Whatever camera you have (if you choose), Joby GorillaPod 1K Kit and Square Jellyfish Metal Tripod will be an essential tool for your blog vehicle. There are long legs on 1K and you can wrap branches and street signs so you can get a solid shot everywhere no matter where you are. Also, because it weighs 2.2 pounds, it is robust enough to hold a mirror-free camera configuration that can record DSLR quality images.
The list of functions is followed by functions such as slow motion video recording, 4K, image stabilization and face detection, a flip-up screen for viewing what is being recorded, and Wi-Fi for remote use.
Sony’s RX100 camera is popular with video loggers that are being evaluated with small and excellent video quality. The RX 100 Mark IV has a function to record 1080p wonderful video while recording at slow motion or 4K resolution. With face detection, the camera looks at your face, focuses and prioritizes it. You can rotate the LCD screen 180 degrees during shooting, and on Wi-Fi you can use your smartphone as a remote control. This is particularly useful when combined with the 1K GorillaPod kit. The lack of minor input is the only major drawback to solving some problems. If audio quality is important, you need to consider other options.

If you want to add special lenses to the kit in the future, please consider a mirrorless camera before switching to a digital single lens reflex camera. The Sony a6300 and lens kit will function just like the midrange DSLR (thanks to the APS – C sensor), but it is more portable with approximately half the size and weight of the DSLR – compatible digital. With the face detection function, the camera can recognize and track the face and maintain focus. The only big mistake is that the screen does not jump far enough to see it in self mode. However, you can remotely control the camera with Wi-Fi and the smartphone application so that your face fits in the frame.

We also recommend using the GorillaPod 1K kit to place the camera in the air, attach it to a pole or rail, or stand on the surface. If you want to improve the audio quality of vlogs, please use Sony ECM-GZ1M. It fits any Sony camera with multi-interface claws and makes your voice bigger and clearer with audio mix than ambient noise you shoot. Affordable Sony microphones provide recording quality comparable to large and expensive Rode prospector microphones despite their small size.
80D features a forward touch screen, accurate autofocus in live mode, long battery life. But he can not record 4K video.
Most people probably will not need digital single lens reflex cameras for logging because mirroring and compact cameras offer more features, 4K recording, superior portability at attractive prices. under. However, if battery life is the highest priority, or if you decide on DSLR, Canon 80D is the best value for video. Compact mirrorless camera turns off after about 60 to 80 minutes with fully charged battery, but 80D is doubled. Dual pixel autofocus is faster and more accurate than AF in other DSLRs, as it works with a touch screen enabled in live view mode. Therefore, it is easy to switch not only the tap on the screen but also the focus. smartphone. In addition, the articulated touch screen can point to the front so that you can see it during shooting. If you prefer remote, you can also create a frame of recording using Wi-Fi and the phone application and start and stop recording. However, there is no 4K recording option. (At the time of writing, the only Canon 4K DSLR costs more than $ 3,000.)

At 2.6 pounds with the kit lens, you need to upgrade to the 3K GorillaPod kit to support the weight of 80D. (1K does not support weight of 2.6 pounds with other cameras). If you want to increase the sound of your video log, you can concentrate on the Rode VideoMic Go directional microphone. It’s affordable for directional microphones and requires no proprietary power supply, so you can connect it to the 80D microphone input for use.

The cameras in this manual are for recording traditional video, but there are also many other camera recommendations required for additional video. Action cameras are ideal for taking underwater or viewpoint scenes. And 360 cameras can take interactive photos that can explore every corner of your journey.

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