We have tested over 90 smartphone lens caps and tests, exploring the French countryside with about 40 different lenses since the first test in 2015, the Cascade Ride, Grand Canyon Route. Two main recommendations: one for mobile photo enthusiasts and one for casual smartphone shooting game.
For enthusiastic smartphone photographers who value high quality printable results, moment lenses are worth investing. The wide-angle lens extends the view of your iPhone enough to give a new perspective (0.63 times) impression. A double telephoto lens will enlarge the optical zoom of your iPhone even a little, like digital zoom, even if you have an iPhone with 2 lenses. Both lenses produce sharp images with little or no distortion throughout the field of view. Both lenses require a case of Moment to Mount. This means purchasing $ 30 with iPhone 6 X and Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel compatible models added. Assembly and disassembly are easy. Just like a digital SLR camera, just remove the screws and screws. We used to prefer the lensless lens system in the past, but the momentum sleeve is protective, stylish and easy to use, I did not mind even without using a lens.

If you just publish the photos of your smartphone to social media, I think that the Olloclip Core lens meets your needs. At about the same price as single lens and single moment housing, this wide angle kit (about 0.63 times magnification), fisheye lens and macro provide 3 lenses that work with both front camera and back camera. This gives you a lot of versatility, but the picture quality is not very good. There is distortion and softness at the edge of the image taken with oloclips. However, it is a fun way to experiment with various accessories and configurations at a relatively affordable price. There is a similar kit compatible with the old iPhone, but there is no kit for Android.

A set of three clip-on lenses is an inexpensive way to extend your iPhone camera. It is characterized by a good wide angle lens.

If you are looking for an easy way to easily improve the function of the camera easily, try the clip-on lens set. The Amir 3-in-1 clip-on phone is different from the online market flooded with similar options, because the wide lens (0.36 times) provides a useful view over yours. Smartphones are GoPro fish You can capture without enabling the sucking area. In terms of image quality, this is a remarkable step under the basic Olloclip kit, with visible blurring throughout the image including the center. But before deciding a more expensive installation, experimenting is a fun and affordable way.

Switch 6 is one accessory for iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus and combines six small lenses. They work but the results are not perfect.

If you own iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus and would like to make the best of two lenses, but do not want to invest heavily, Ztylus Switch 6 puts six lenses in one case. This includes wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, fisheye lens, two macro options. It’s fun if you do not look at pixels, but the image quality is quite bad compared to other options. Even if it is a fairly interesting toy, it is a toy rather than a tool.

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