As a visitor for DSLR’s years of research and testing, I have created this manual for people who like the Nikon camera. For example, if you already have a collection of high quality lenses that make the switch platform very expensive. If the current Nikon DSLR does not match your photography skill, if it is broken, or if you suspect that an update is needed, we will prepare here for the best choice.

Nikon D3400 is the first choice of a newcomer of a DSLR regardless of brand. The compact and compact D3400 is one of the most affordable Nikon SLR. However, this is not a compromise in the basement where image quality is impaired. The D3400 is characterized by offering thinner, cleaner and more detailed images than the competitor’s entry level options and its well designed modes. It is designed to help you understand buttons and dials.

Nikon D7200
Enhanced DSLR performance
The best for an experienced Nikon shooter is a picture quality champ with high speed autofocus, timestamp, two SD card slots.

Amazon $ 1,097
The Nikon D 7200 occupies a leading position among the midrange DSLR guides, so you can easily select it if you are in Nikon lens. The APS-C DSLR has a weather resistant body that can withstand several abuses, a robust autofocus system that achieves high retention in tracking, and a battery in the long run.

Nikon has also made some expensive (even more expensive) full frame digital single lens reflexes, but purchasing a Nikon camera is easy, but it is more expensive than picking up. Coast. The comparison on your computer screen has increased to 100%. If you already have a Nikon DX lens, you will need to replace it for a full frame digital single lens reflex.

However, if you have never owned a DSLR or have no brand preference, this guide does not suit you. Instead, please see one of the best digital SLR for beginners, or the best DSLR DSLR DSLR midrange DSLR, or one of the mirrorless camera solutions leading to the best camera.
Why should you trust us?
I have written about Wirecutter camera since 2013, and since 2001 I have been active as a professional photographer. I am a faculty member of the International Photography Institute in New York and I am writing two books on photography. As a journalist, I took up the story of Al Jazeera, Forbes, New York Times (now parent of Wirecutter), The Atlantic.

Why Nikon DSLR?
After several years of research and testing of the DSLR guide for beginners and the DSLR guide for the middle class, we used all camera brand devices. Just like the DPReview and DxOMark experts, Nikon’s sensor and image processing has reached the conclusion that it is putting it at the forefront of image quality, especially in a dark place. They require a very high ISO setting and dynamic range (ability to capture highlight details and capture very dark shadows with one shot).

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