Is there anything updated with full frame DSLR? Correct errors in the original procedure of the EOS 6D Mark II LCD and EOS 7D Mark II card slots.

Based on thousands of hours of digital SLR research and testing by various companies, multiple wire cutter publishers and employee expertise, this guide will be created to help obsolete the broken Canon DSLR. did. If you do not want to share the camera you own or consider other brands, you can find the appropriate Canon DSLR.

If you do not need the first DSLR camera or if you have a Canon midrange SLR camera to upgrade, we recommend Canon EOS 80D. Another brand. As you approach the Canon Beginner’s Digital SLR, the 80D protects against dust and rain, extends battery life, speeds up the burst and speeds up the shutter speed. If this entry level DSLR is older than T7i, you also get an autofocus system covering more frames containing more AF points. When replacing the old-style midrange DSLR (60D, 50D, etc.), the new auto focus function greatly improves the recording experience, especially when recording video. However, if you are using dual pixel autofocus 70D, improvement is relatively few, so you need to wait for the upgrade.

The above link is based on the assumption that you already own the necessary lenses, so it only leads to the camera body. If you need a new version of the kit lens and you are planning to shoot (this model includes the silent autofocus technology of Canon STM during video capture, you need to do it), select the 80D kit please.

Canon EOS Rebel T7i
If you are satisfied with the Canon Rebel camera and want to replace a broken camera or use a new version with the lens you are using, the T7i will capture great pictures and videos.

From Amazon ¥ 750
If you have a Canon DSLR camera and you suspect that there are no restrictions on its function, we recommend you to replace with EOS Rebel T7i. It is not the first choice for beginners’ DSLR, but if you do not have a lens yet, it is a better choice to have enough with a Canon lens. T7i is similar to the size and weight of the previous DSLR camera, and we need to improve some of its functions. Compared to the EOS Rebel T5i, the T7i features a high-resolution, low-light, high-resolution sensor, enlarging the focal point by a factor of 5, Cannon’s dual pixel autofocus ensures smooth and accurate autofocus It is possible. video. The link above applies only to the camera body. This is because it is assumed that kit lenses etc. already exist. However, once your kit’s goal is better, you can choose the Rebel T7i kit instead.

If you are considering switching from Canon’s midrange DSLR camera to full size camera, larger sensor and more focused control and function camera, you might think twice before. The above two Canon models use a small APS – C sensor (about 75% of the full frame sensor size). In other words, different lenses are used. Although other camera manufacturer’s APS – C lens uses a full frame camera, the EF – S lens for APS – C camera is trimmed, but it is incompatible with the camera body. Full screen EF. In fact, using the EF – S lens in a full frame EF package may damage the camera. In that sense, this is a great opportunity to consider changing brands and lens systems, as it has to give up on many existing lens collections. If you want to reliably get a complete Canon frame, we recommend you to conduct your own investigation to accurately determine what is necessary for costly investment. Canon EOS 6D Mark II is the cheapest choice, but to be quite simply, there is very little improvement in performance over 80D.

If you have never owned a DSLR and you are willing to purchase a brand, this is not the correct guide for you. Please see “Best Digital SLR Camera for Beginners” or “Best Digital Single Lens Refclass” or one of our mirrorless camera solutions. These guides explain the best cameras for money regardless of camera brand. This guide is for those who already have enough Canon lenses to transition to another DSLR brand or those who have a different reason to only see Canon.

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